First of all, THANK YOU you for making the decision to coach our youth in the wonderful sport of Soccer! Coaching takes time, patience, commitment, and a willingness to listen, learn, and grow. Expectations of our youth soccer players fall into the same light. In that light, District IX requires coaches to be licensed. Click HERE for online F Course licensing.
All Coaches are required to have a background check with livescan. 
Livescan can be done at Yreka Mailbox. 
Call 530-842-1350 to make an appointment.
Register to coach here
Basic Coach Information:
 U6 - U10:
It Is up to the home team to paint the field before the game.
Shin guards must be worn by all players.
Goalie must wear different color shirt than the rest of the team.
No Baseball cleats. ( Baseball cleats have spike in the very tip of the shoe.)
If no referee shows up, the coaches alternate refereeing, or get  a parent to help (Only Official Referees get paid.)
 U12 and Above:
It is up to the home team to paint the field before the game.
You must have all 1601(Registration Form), Player passes and Birth Certificates  with you at all games.
If you must reschedule a game you must contact the Referee Coordinator to confirm that the refs are notified.